Farm Around... Year 'Round!

Let's start from our beginnings...The Ferris Family.

Bluebird Farmstand is a family owned and operated old fashioned country store located near Tyler Pounds Field Airport in Tyler Texas. Bluebird serves East Texas with wholesome dairy and farm fresh produce.

BW established the farmstand in 1991 under Bluebird Gap Farm now located near the county lines of Smith and Van Zandt Counties. For more than 30-years the Ferris family has worked on refining the business to help meet the needs for homesteaders.

The original owners (BW & Sonya) are both military veterans. They ran the farmstand along with their son-in-law, Robert Mayes as well as their children and grandchildren before passing it on to Lacy McHenry.

BW joined the Old Order Amish in 1992 where he learned sustainable agriculture and worked with draft horses. He is the founder of Tiger Creek Animal Sanctuary and the owner of the American Mammoth Jackstock Registry. 

Bluebird Farmstand brings safe-sourced farm fresh produce, organic milk, pasture raised eggs, and local honey. They will be expanding the country store too include gardening, homestead items, farmhouse decor, and other hard to find farm life treasures. Lacy McHenry owns and operates her own farm and homestead here in tyler. She has 6 beautiful children with her husband Robert McHenry. She has a great passion for farming and aims to shine a light on local small businesses and farms. 

They invite you to visit Bluebird Farmstand, a place where everyone is welcome to "Farm Around Year 'Round" with The Ferris Family.


Tyler, Tx's only year-round farmstand!

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